Expect Excellence.  We are dedicated to sourcing and roasting quality, ethical coffee with the utmost integrity. You will only drink organic, fair trade and/or direct trade coffee with ShareWell Coffee Co. 

Unique Roasting Approach.  Our Head Roaster, Zach has been a student of coffee for over 6 years. Through his experience he has defined our approach -- and it is different than most. 

Click here to read Zach's 3-fold approach to great coffee.

ShareWell.  Our business plan is founded on a philosophy of sharing resources and sharing life with our community. ​We are committed to consistently growing within the Specialty Coffee Association while also adapting to the wants and needs of our customers.  

*We share 10% of our profit with local and global organizations that are working hard to better our community and world.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us and for drinking ShareWell Coffee!​​

We invite you to come see us at our roasting location:

Wine Sage & Gourmet

416 N. Main St. Hendersonville, NC

ShareWell Coffee Co. is a proud member of the

SCAA Roaster's Guild. 

​​​Great Coffee, Better Community.
Building and nourishing people, one cup of ShareWell at a time.
Small-batch Specialty Coffee

roasted with love in Hendersonville, NC.