​​​Great Coffee, Better Community.

Building and nourishing people, one cup of ShareWell at a time.

Small-batch roasted in Hendersonville, NC with love.

Expect Excellence.  We are dedicated to sourcing and roasting quality, ethical coffee with the utmost integrity. You will only drink organic, fair trade and/or direct trade coffee with ShareWell Coffee Co. 

Unique Roasting Approach.  Our Head Roaster, Zach has been a student of coffee for over 6 years. Through his experience he has defined our approach -- and it is different than most. 

Click here to read Zach's 3-fold approach to great coffee.

ShareWell.  Our business plan is founded on a philosophy of sharing resources and sharing life with our community. ​We are committed to consistently growing within the Specialty Coffee Association while also adapting to the wants and needs of our customers.  

*We share 10% of our profit with local and global organizations that are working hard to better our community and world.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us and for drinking ShareWell Coffee!​​

Proud members of the SCAA Roaster's Guild.