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New Arrival: Guatemala Buena Vista

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

ShareWell is excited to offer this incredible new Guatemalan bean from Concepcion Buena Vista Coffee Farm. Not far behind Honduras, Guatemala is the second leading coffee producer in Central America. In the region of Chimaltenango (village of San Martin Jilotepeque), the beans are grown 1650-1850 meters above sea level where temperatures are steady between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity is constantly high, and nutrient-rich volcanic soil creates an ideal environment for growing high quality coffee.

Taste Profile

Guatemalan beans are known for having a complex flavor profile that stands out among other Central American beans. The coffee has a bright, fruity acidity, but a surprisingly full body. This combination of light and heavy creates a cup-of-joe that is equal parts refreshing and fulfilling in regard to smell, taste, and mouth feel. Floral and citrus aromas greet your nose while smoky, nutty, and chocolate flavors hit your taste buds. This rich textured coffee lends itself well to pair with treats that combine chocolate and peanut butter, or even citrus-based desserts.


“Possibly the fruitiest and most complex coffee we’ve ever offered, this specialty Guatemalan bean boasts notes of sweet berries along with a full body, smooth finish, and wonderful depth.”-Zach Pritz Owner and Operator


The Farm

Concepcion Buena Vista, owned by David Solano, produces some of Guatemala’s best coffee. They are a 4th generation family farm that has been growing red and yellow bourbon, red and yellow caturra, and red catuai varieties of coffee for more than 150 years. Most recently, Concepcion has been perfecting their new fermentation process to improve overall coffee quality. During the off-season, the farm crew helps their Sapito community by improving schools and churches and building community health centers. When our customers purchase a bag of Guatemala Buena Vista, not only can they look forward to enjoying some truly great coffee, but they can feel good about the fact that their dollars directly support the incredible staff that work on the farm.

As your local coffee roaster, we can’t wait for you all to try this roast. Beans can be ordered on our website and delivered right to your door!

Written by: Sam Raph

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