LOCATION: Andes, Antioquia, Colombia


VARIETY: Caturra



More farm and processing information courtesy of Unblended Coffee:


Carolina is a member of UVI. A lawyer, an endurance runner, AND an incredible specialty coffee farmer. She’s an inspiring girl. She embodies the excitement we believe seeing young people working in coffee farms represents. She studied law in Medellín and when covid hit in 2020, she went back to Andes to live with her parents at their farm and now wants to be more involved in the farm operations and sales. She is also a leader who loves running and marathons. Once a year she organizes a running competition across the mountains in Jardin, a village close to Andes.


This coffee represents the sweetness that comes when a mother and daughter work together. Carolina and her mom Maria Victoria are careful by nature and their coffee is a result of the attention to detail they pour into each step of the process. This Caturra washed is perfectly picked, fermented, washed and selected. A fruity cup full of strawberries and jasmine with a fresh thyme aftertaste. Harvested in Andes, Antioquia, a vast coffee region in Colombia, this delicious cup of coffee is obtained after mixing two different batches of coffee harvested with one day of difference. Once picked, the cherries are fermented for about 6 hours, then depulped and fermented for another 24 hours. A day after, the next batch is added and fermented for 14 more hours before washing it and drying it for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Carolina, Colombia WS