NAME OF THE FARM: Proyecto Renacer

LOCATION: Medellin, Colombia


VARIETY: Castillo, Borbon Rojo, Colombia

PROCESSES: Lactic Washed


More farm and processing information courtesy of Unblended Coffee: 


This 160-hour lactic fermentation washed offering highlights the creativity of both the producers and the brothers Cristian and Jhonatan Raigosa, who direct the processing facility together. Since starting Proyecto Renancer, Cristian and his colleagues have named their experiments after the flavors that resemble their creations. Verano Tropical, meaning Tropical Summer, is a mouthful of paradise. With pineapple, honey, and floral flavors, this coffee tastes like a refreshing summer breeze.


"To be re-born" - The meaning of Proyecto Renacer. This micro-processing facility, located in the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia, at the heart of Barrio La Sierra, is an illustration of the power of hope. Beginning initially with only one producer, Gabriel Cortez, the project now works with over 15 families in the neighborhood -- teaching the sons and daughters of these traditional coffee producers the art and science behind processing coffee. Through specialty coffee, Cristian and Jhonatan have managed to build strong bonds within a neighborhood with a long history of conflict and violence and have shown the youth in this community the world of possibilities that come with hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Verano Tropical, Colombia