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People Make the Coffee World Turn


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Coffee Explorations

Zach is the lead coffee addict at ShareWell Coffee Co. His nickname around town is (fittingly) "The Coffee Guy."


Prior to starting ShareWell, Zach worked under his brother at Mountaineer Coffee and was able to see a coffee business built from the ground up. Later on, Zach ended up moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he had the opportunity to work under John Roos the owner of RoosRoast Coffee.


At RoosRoast, Zach was able to refine his skills as a barista before being promoted to Head Roaster. During that time, Zach became a student of coffee and was fortunate to learned the ins and outs of business and hard-work from John Roos and the RoosRoast crew.


His passion for creating a coffee experience has led to the founding of ShareWell Coffee.

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Coffee Community

Candice, co-founder, was raised in Hendersonville, attended HHS and graduated from N.C. State.


She's the social media, marketing, promotions, events and people guru at ShareWell Coffee. Candice loves doing anything that involves being active and social and loves exploring and cooking healthy, local, plant-based food. 


Candice has gained experience in many different areas through her career path. Logistics, marketing, sales, social media, event planning, program management... to name a few things! She loves to serve ShareWell Coffee and mix and mingle with the community.

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