People Make the Coffee World Turn



Coffee Explorations

Zach is the lead coffee addict at ShareWell Coffee Co. His nickname around town is (fittingly) "The Coffee Guy."

Prior to starting ShareWell, Zach worked under his brother at Mountaineer Coffee and was able to see a coffee business built from the ground up. Later on, Zach ended up moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he had the opportunity to work under John Roos the owner of RoosRoast Coffee.

At RoosRoast, Zach was able to refine his skills as a barista before being promoted to Head Roaster. During that time, Zach became a student of coffee and was fortunate to learned the ins and outs of business and hard-work from John Roos and the RoosRoast crew.

His passion for creating a coffee experience has led to the founding of ShareWell Coffee.


Coffee Community

Candice, co-founder, was raised in Hendersonville, attended HHS and graduated from N.C. State.

She's the social media, marketing, promotions, events and people guru at ShareWell Coffee. Candice loves doing anything that involves being active and social and loves exploring and cooking healthy, local, plant-based food. 

Candice has gained experience in many different areas through her career path. Logistics, marketing, sales, social media, event planning, program management... to name a few things! She loves to serve ShareWell Coffee and mix and mingle with the community.

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Market/Production & Photography

Kimberly is Sharewell's number one fan-turned-employee. Born and raised in upstate New York, she moved to Western North Carolina over a decade ago. As a resident of Fletcher, NC, she wanted to find a local coffee spot where she would be remembered, valued, and be able to make real connections with the folks who worked there. She found all that and more at ShareWell Coffee.

Kimberly has been a coffee lover ever since she first walked to the coffee shop where her sister worked in high school.

Her husband Colton is an avid coffee drinker as well, and while their three young children have yet to discover the joy of a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning, it's safe to say that it's a family thing.

When Kimberly isn't working the ShareWell booth at the Hendersonville Farmer's Market or running the Espresso Bar at the Barn, you will most likely find her either elbows deep in soil from her garden, dreamily wandering through the greenhouse at the Biltmore Estate, or hiking a trail through the woods with her family.


Roasting & Production

   As a transplant to Hendersonville from northern Minnesota, Sam found her love of coffee for the comfort and warmth it provides on crisp winter mornings. During college, she worked as a barista and production assistant at a local coffee shop, and was introduced to the ‘field-to-cup’ world of coffee. Having grown up on a farm, she’s innately passionate about sustainability and quickly discovered how destructive commercial coffee farming can be to the earth. Sam’s interest in ethically and sustainably sourced coffee immediately pointed her towards ShareWell after moving to North Carolina.

 As a part of the team, you’ll find Sam helping crushing it in production at the roastery, slinging drinks at the espresso bar, and delivering coffee to our retail sale locations.

     While not on the job, you can find her hiking or running, reading, baking or cooking, listening to music, volunteering, or doing yoga. If you happen to see Sam out-and-about in Hendersonville, don’t hesitate to say ‘Hey!’...she loves getting to know the members of our community!



Official-Unofficial Photographer

When he was five years old, Colton’s dad taught him how to make stovetop coffee in a Moka Pot. At the time, the act of brewing it gave Colton such a sense of accomplishment and pride (don’t worry, it wasn’t until he was in high school that he actually started drinking coffee himself) that the memory of being responsible for such a precious task is one that will never leave him. Over 25 years later, that same exact Moka Pot lives in his kitchen cabinet and sees regular use.


When we think of coffee, we tend to focus on the smell, the taste and the warmth. And rightfully so because let’s face it, those things are phenomenal!  As the Unofficially Official ShareWell photographer and videographer, Colton has placed himself in the role of reminding the audience that coffee is incredibly beautiful to behold with one’s eyes as well. He has always loved stories, especially ones with images attached to them, and coffee stories are no exception.


Colton is married to Kimberly and they have three incredible daughters. If you run into him and get him talking, there is a very good chance you will inevitably hear about either knives and axes, photography and videography, or world travels; all topics he considers excellent to delve into over a freshly brewed coffee!


Coffee Advocate

Angela is our local Coffee consultant and advocate.  With special interest in Coffee culture and sustainability, Angela advocates for best practices throughout the entire supply chain. Rather than holding strict new wave coffee practices, Angela strives to uphold an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective on a person’s right to their favorite cup.  


Prior to working with ShareWell,  Angela developed her skills as a small-batch roaster in Wilmington, NC.  There she explored a diverse selection of green Coffee from around the globe, as well as each culture’s traditional method of roasting and brewing.  From the Jebena Buna ceremonies of Ethiopia to the avant-Gard espresso caffés of Italy, coffee has always driven Community. It is through this concept that Angela finds her passion for Coffee and a lifelong love of the Community it brings. 


In her downtime, you’ll find Angela hiking, dancing, or spending time with her beautiful family.    

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Interested in joining the team? You never know, you may be a great fit.

Shoot us an email at zach@sharewellcoffee.com