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ShareWell Single Origin Cards

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

As roasters, our job at ShareWell is to identify flavor characteristics that define a particular coffee, and determine a method of roasting that will best enhance these flavors. As a business, one of our main goals is to be as honest and transparent as possible with our customers. With that being said, we are excited to introduce our new Single Origin Coffee Cards!

We work hard to make sure the green coffee we order is ethically and sustainably sourced, and would like to make this information easily available to you as consumers. Now, along with the purchase of any one of our five single origin coffees (Sumatra, Mexico, Panama, Ethiopia, or Guatemala), customers will receive a free information card.


Each card includes

Country of Origin



Processing Style

A blurb about the coffee farm

Pictures of the farm and/or coffee shrubs

Tasting notes/flavor profile by one of our team members


Every bag of green coffee offers a unique physical and flavor profile that is affected by country of origin, region, style of processing, altitude, amount of sunlight, rainfall, soil mineral content, etc. Be on the lookout for upcoming, detailed posts that will explain why and how each one of these factors influence your daily cup-o-joe.

Another one of our goals at ShareWell is to turn you into a coffee nerd just like step at a time.

Be well.

Written by: Sam Raph

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